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This site only represent private opinions from a humble M.Sc.EE consultant, operating without ties to large companies. Information is provided without responsability for how a reader might use it.

It is important to stress that here will not be provided any technical information about the system behind - but only help to use the system through publicly available information and exposed interfaces.

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Elektronic Tinglysning

On this website will only be presented information already available from public sources. There is a quite understandable introdutions to electronc tinglysning on the webpage for Domstolsstyrelsen.

There are also other sources abvailable for fx. Security and Electronic Tinglysning

In general there are available interfaces to elektronic Tinglysning :
  • tinglysning.dk - where mr. og mrs. "average person" through digital signature can log in, submit declaratoin and sign with digital signature
  • system-to-system - where (primarily) financial companies may submit declarations
The interface to electronic tinglysning is technology independant and the may subsequently be applied both J2EE and .Net client on the system-to-system side.

Automatic generation of Webservices from WSDL

Example of how to receive asynchroneous tinglysnings answers quickly and easily:

As described in this short text Tinglysning webservice from WSDL servicecatalog it is really very uncomplicated to quickly generate java source code webservice stubs examples from publicly available service catalog. These stubs may easily and quickly receive asynchronous system replies, returned by the tinglysnings system.

Setup of SSL and verification of signatures is a slightly different matter which I will also make a short 'shake-n-bake' text about, when I get the time.

Soap communication wih Webservice

Total miniature example of using Soap over SSL:

The example demonstrate use of Soap protokol for communication with synch webservices.

The technology

Som bruger af electronic Tinglysning you are facing some challenges. On one hand there are the required understanding of the business processes - how to submit your needs to an electronic system ( how to use "anmelderordning" and "fuldmagtsordning" correctly). On another hand there is a requirement for technical understanding (how to sign documents according to standards and submit a well formed XML document, which validates correctly according to relevant schemas).

Even though there are an available description of how to use digital signature , there may still be a slight difference on theory and practical aspects.

Here may be considered if help is desired to overcome challenges faster or if you rather want to spend time to explore challenges yourself.

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